Cost of saving a life put at €700 (22 Jun 2005)
Cost of saving a life put at €700

It could cost Sligo Borough Council less than €700 to save a life on the Garavogue River by putting in a lifebuoy.
That’s the price Derry City Council paid to try and cut down on the number of tragedies on the river Foyle.
A spokesperson for the Maiden city council said they now had 10 lifebuoys on the two-mile stretch of river which cost approximately E700 each.
Derry also installed an alarmed lifebuoy which was connected to a police station in the city at a cost of E1,900.
“It’s a pilot project which has only been operating for the past few weeks.
“We raised the money by adopting a multi-agency approach through various local bodies and the PSNI.
“The alarmed lifebuoy is linked with the police station and CCTV so that any interference is immediately detected”.
Yet Sligo still has no lifebelts even though five people have drowned on the two-mile stretch in the past five years, as revealed by this newspaper a month ago.
The only remaining lifebelt was vandalised and has not been replaced.
And a young woman escaped certain death near John F Kennedy Parade a few weeks ago when she was rescued by a Toffs bouncer.
Doorman Glenn Gilmartin rescued the woman but said it was a disgrace that there were no lifebelts available.
He said: “It is a disgrace that there were no lifebelts to be thrown in to save her or myself if we had got into difficulties”.
Irish Water Safety Association member Jim Lawlor has told this paper that life belts should be installed every 250 metres.
“We have had five tragedies in the past five years and a number of near misses.
“A stolen ring buoy is a stolen life and those who steal are showing a callous disregard for human life. The Garavogue is a fast-flowing treacherous river and we can do without those vandals who steal the ring buoys.
There was no spokesperson for Sligo Borough Council contactable for comment.  

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