National launch of (18 Oct 2009)
Dozens of schoolchildren and members of the local community will join
Minister of State Mr. Michael Finneran, T.D. to launch a new initiative - at The Strand (opposite Newbridge Public Library) in
Newbridge Co. Kildare, on Saturday Oct 17th at 11.30am.

"The website is a public service offered by Irish Water Safety that will allow
members of the public to report missing, stolen, located or damaged
ringbuoys to the relevant local and harbour authorities across Ireland",
commented Minister Finneran, "this service will assist in reducing the number of tragic preventable drownings in all Counties."

"The highly visible ringbuoys placed at many waterways nationwide not only
serve as a warning to passersby of the potential risk associated with aquatic
environments but also to deliver a lifeline in an emergency," added Minister
Finneran, "the absence of a ringbuoy due to theft or vandalism can have
tragic consequences when a member of the public needs to effect a rescue."
Local Authorities on their regular checks, particularly in urban areas, discover
that Ringbuoys are often missing. Regrettably, there are also continuing
incidents of malicious damage to these lifesaving appliances by irresponsible
members of the public and there is a continuing need for the public,
particularly late-night revellers under the influence of alcohol, to be made
aware that damage or theft of such ringbuoys or the attached rope could
result in the loss of life. Any person seen tampering or in possession of this
lifesaving equipment should be reported to the Local Authorities and/or the
Gardaí, who can enforce a conviction and a fine.

Irish Water Safety appeals to the public to assist in maintaining these vitally
important lifesaving appliances in good condition at all times. This new
website,, developed by Kildare Water Safety Area
Committee, has the potential to save lives and we thank you in advance for
any support you can offer to assist us to reduce drownings.

An average of 158 people drown in Ireland each year. Most of these tragic
deaths happen inland, in rivers and lakes, on farms and in and around homes
and these accidents are preventable.

Contact: Tomas McGuinness
Phone: 057 936 5501
A Kildare Water Safety Initative - Irish Water Safety Approved - Created & Sponsored by Graphic Workshop, &
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