Website to identify lost and damaged ringbuoys (08 Jun 2010)
Website to identify lost and damaged ringbuoys

Anton McNulty, The Mayo News

AS part of the recent National Water Safety Awareness Week, a new website has been launched which will easily identify missing or damaged ringbuoys and help save lives.
The website, has been launched by Irish Water Safety and was set up to help local authorities speedily identify missing and damaged ringbuoys. The public can report and identify the location of the ringbuoys on the website and an e-mail will inform the local authority, who can replace or repair them. There are around 300 ringbuoys in place around Mayo.
Michael Gavin, Water Safety Officer with Mayo County Council stated that far too often, ringbuoys and Safety Warning signs are removed or damaged and up to 40 ringbuoys are replaced annually in Mayo.
“This number of replacements is far too high considering that the life expectancy of a ringbuoy should be ten to 12 years. Certainly vandalism and night time revelry can be identified as reasons in some instances. I would appeal to those involved in such behaviour to desist from tampering with lifesaving equipment. Remember you could be putting someone’s life at risk, maybe even your own,” he said.
Cllr John Cribbin, Cathaoirleach, Mayo County Council, has issued an appeal to the general public to be pro-active in reporting missing or damaged ringbuoys.
“Obviously each Local Authority has a regular ringbuoy inspection procedure in place, but it is not feasible to have every ringbuoy checked every day. It makes good sense to have a system whereby people who live in and visit locations where ringbuoys are erected, can report on their absence at short notice. I would appeal to the general public to embrace this partnership approach for the safety of all.”
National Water Safety Awareness Week runs from May 24 to May 31

Contact: Anton McNulty, The Mayo News
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