First Aid For The Treatment Of Jellyfish Stings (15 Jul 2010)

Ensure you don't get stung yourself when aiding others

Remove any attached tentacles with a gloved hand, stick, or towel (none of these available use the tips of your fingers)

Do not rub the affected area (this may result in further venom release)

Rinse the affected area with sea-water (do not use fresh water, vinegar, alcohol or urine)

Apply a ‘dry cold pack’ to the area (i.e. place a cold pack or ice inside a plastic bag and then wrap this package in a t-shirt or other piece of cloth)

Seek medical attention if there is anything other than minor discomfort

If the patient is suffering from swelling, breathing difficulties, palpitation or chest tightness then transfer to the nearest emergency department urgently

If travelling abroad seek advice for that specific country

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