Irish Water Safety National Awards (26 Nov 2010)
On the 14th of August 2010 at Ardamine Beach, Courtown, Wexford, 15 year old Brendan, came to the rescue of his friend. Brendan and a friend, Daniel, were on the shoreline when they witnessed another friend jump from their nearby yacht with an inflatable jacket in his hand. They observed the lifejacket drifting away from the boy and saw that he was having difficulty trying to swim to shore.
Without hesitation Daniel and Brendan, using their knowledge and experience of sailing, instructed members of the public to call the Coastguard and the RNLI. Brendan, against the advice of others, went into the water with a ringbuoy tied to his ankle. He began to swim against the strong current. He reached his friend and placed the ringbuoy under his crossed arms. He then rolled onto his back and began to swim towards the shore.
When they reached the shore, Brendan, with the aid of another man, pulled the casualty onto the sand, wrapped towels around him and placed him into the recovery position. Soon after that the RNLI arrived and gave the casualty oxygen. The boy was taken to Wexford General hospital where he made a full recovery.
Irish Water Safety National Awards

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