The Boyne Fishermen‚s Rescue and recovery service were shocked at the callout they received on Thursday Morning. (17th February) (21 Feb 2011)
The rescue team were informed by a member of the public that a ringbuoy had been thrown in the water at the car park, near the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda.

On arrival at the scene the land crew noticed that the whole housing and case for the ringbuoys had been ripped from the ground and thrown into the river.

While the life saving devices are usually just recovered by boat, or reeled in and placed back in their housing, this recovery turned into a completely different operation. The ringbuoy itself had to be removed from its housing, and a towline was attached to the casing and pole to enable the rescue jeep to drag the housing up from the river bed.

Ringbuoys play a very valuable part in water safety, they act as a constant visible reminder of the danger that the river environment represents, and they are intended to be used to effect a rescue of any person who may find
themselves in distress, which was demonstrated recently when local girl EmmaKells, used one in her successful rescue of a person in distress.

Speaking about the incident Rescue Member Wayne Hurley said, "This is a deliberate act of vandalism that required two or three people to carry it out, I would appeal to those involved in such behaviour tostop tampering with the lifesaving equipment. Remember you could be putting someone's life at risk, maybe even your own."

Drogheda Borough Council are going to repair the damage caused, but a high financial cost of this vandalismis borne by the taxpayers and ratepayers, but of more concern is the serious risk to human life caused by the deliberate damage to this equipment.

Drogheda Gardai are investigating the incident...
The Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service

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Phone: 087 2077252
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