A Stolen Ringbouy A Stolen Life Kilkenny (30 Jun 2011)
Howard Triggs
There are approximately 125 ring buoys in Kilkenny City and Environs. These are checked on a weekly basis by Kilkenny Local Authorities and Kilkenny Water Safety.

Unfortunately vandalism has increased over the past number of months,
for example:-

Ropes from Ringbuoys are cut and then discarded on the riverside rendering them useless
Ringbuoys are thrown into river
Ringbuoys and holders are set on fire and damaged beyond repair
Ringbuoys are stolen and are never recovered
Ringbuoys and holders are expensive to purchase. Five (5) to ten (10) ringbuoys are damaged or stolen each week, costing approximately 300 per week. .

Thanks to the many sincere people who regularly retrieve or recover ring buoys, with their goodwill, it makes life easier for all concerned and enables us to keep this potentially life saving equipment readily available. However, the public should never take unnecessary risks in retrieving these Ringbuoys.

Area office staff also regularly check Ringbuoys in their areas, such as Graiguenamanagh, Inistioge, Bennettsbridge and other areas, having them cleaned up and reinstated or replaced if required.

Should you witness any type of vandalism to Ringbuoys you may call 1800 200 156 at any time, or log onto www.ringbuoys.ie to report a missing or damaged ringbuoy.

Howard Triggs who works at St. Francis Abbey Brewery and regularly retrieves Ringbuoys along the River Nore from Kilkenny to Inistioge along with two of his work colleagues, returning them to County Hall. He is pictured here with some ringbuoys which he returned on Monday.

More information at http://www.kilkennycoco.ie/eng/Publications/Council_News/Stolen_Ringbouy_a_Stolen_Life.26012.shortcut.html
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